Behold My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair!

Posted Tuesday, October 3, 2017 in First!

Well, here we are, another ~~damn~~ delightful take on a blog engine. In fact, this is the fourth iteration in the series of blog engines by your's truly.

The novelty driving why I decided on making another blog engine came in part with the release of core 2.0 and with the popularity of jekyll. So like many other software development follies, I thought, why don't I re-implement X in Y? We'll against reason, both sound and just, I've done exactly that. So, I present to you, a static content generating blog engine written with core 2 and using gitlab instead of github.

The end result is a bit rough around the edges (read: a blight upon the eyes), but it's been a good exercise in getting back into side projects. I've just come off a few years of self-induced brain drain, courtesy a Phd program, but I've slain that dragon, so the neglected kingdom of side projects is calling for its hero (fool?) to return. I might even write a blog post! It's only been four years since my last post.