Privacy Policy

Personal info

We collect personal information such as your name and email address only in the cases where you consent. This information is never shared with third parties.

How we collect info

In the case that you'd like to work with Santiago Development some basic information will be requested. Such information is collected for the purposes of serving your needs and to help us better communicate with you.

Tracking technologies


Santiago Development currently does not use cookies, but may do so for the purpose of improving your experience with this site. This area of the privacy policy will be updated in such a case.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used for Santiago Development as a third party tracking service. This service is not used to collect your personnal information. Google Analytics is used to inform us on how the website performs and how visitors interact with the site. This helps us improve our site both in content and performance.

More information on how privacy is handled by Google Analytics can be found at google. Google provides a specialized browser add-on if you wish to restrict the use of Google Analytics.

Do Not Track

You may wish to use the Do Not Track functionality of your browser to further protect your privacy while browsing the web. You may learn more at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

How we store your info

Where your info lives

Data retention at Santiago Development is done with strict measures to ensure confidentiality. Such measures include encrypted network traffic, data at rest encryption, and a responsive approach to remediating known vulnerabilities in the technologies that handle important data.

How long we keep your info

Santiago Development will retain your personal information as long as it serves your needs. If you would like your personal information to be "forgotten," Santiago development will securely delete your stored information with 30 days.