A Look at JamesCMS: SQL File Ingester

Posted Friday, April 5, 2013 in Old JamesCMS Posts

You know what's terrible when it comes to blogs? It's the interface. Why should I have to recreate the power of vim or the grace of Sublime Text inside of a browser? I would rather use the text editor of my choice. So considering this I decided to create a method to easily integrate the SQL database, source control and text files for managing content. Oh, and a way to see a preview as I type into a text editor would be nice too.

There are two main methods I created to achieve this: PushTextFiles and PullTextFiles. Push would take any changes made from the website (SQL database) and update the text files. Pull would take any changes made from the text files and update the website. The methods can be seen here. I also integrated LibGit2Sharp to keep everything in my favorite source control.