Notes on Sharepoint 2013

Posted Sunday, June 2, 2013 in Old JamesCMS Posts

I recently setup a sharepoint 2013 server for some app testing. I used Sharepoint Foundation 2013 which is a free version which has a few features missing from the enterprise version. Installing was a bit of a drag, there were several prerequisites that where not immediately obvious to me. Some of these were:

I also attempted to setup forms authentication. Unfortunately I couldn't (or didn't know how to) setup forms authtnetication through the simple membership provider that I had from a MVC 4 app. I ended up configuring the ASP.NET forms authentication provider the old fashion way of creating the database and configuring web.config files. I really don't understand why this functionality isn't built into sharepoint in some way.

Also, it might be obvious but you can debug a sharepoint app unless your running visual studio on the same server as sharepoint. Which reminds me, I had some trouble uploading sharepoint apps. I wonder what that was… Maybe I should have kept notes when I was actually doing the work.