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Posted Wednesday, November 25, 2020 in Interesting Links

FreeBSD Commands Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet is a nice overview of FreeBSD. I wasn't aware of the poudriere jail setup which looks like a solution that docker or snap tries to solve.

Portrait Drawing Based off Salient Object Detection

Looks like some researchers were able to adapt their salient object detection method to do portrait drawings. Salient feature detection?

Beirut Port Explosion

An interesting view into what an FAA-style analysis team can do with some open source techniques. Marks an interesting shift in access to a high level investigation that you'd expect someone like the FAA (the airplane people) to perform with state backing. Although, I can't help thinking that this would be easily abused by some amateurs into portraying a poorly done or even nefarious investigation as legitimate. Also kind of gives off those cyberpunk vibes, just need to throw these models in VR and start some Tom-Cruise-esque hand waving.

Amazon Sidewalk

Reminds me of that comcast thing where they allow your internet connection to be shared with other customers over your wifi. It seems to still be a thing? I guess at least from a legal perspective it appears to be ok? I'd personally want to have a strong agree-only sort of arrangement for these kinds of things. So hopefully my toaster doesn't start phoning home to give up my location to skynet.

Microsoft 365 Analytics

More privacy stuff, this time powered by 365 subscriptions. Not really surprising personally and probably in line with a lot of knowledge worker metric/kpi management. I think the more troubling issue here is the sharing of data between companies. It's a bit of employer controlled knowledge on the job pool that the employee doesn't have the other way. So you have more of a power imbalance between the employer/employee dynamic.

Aurora 7 Prototype

The security professional's laptop, able to expand to twice its size to scare off hackers and bobcats.