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Posted Saturday, December 26, 2020 in Interesting Links

CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream

Welp, that's a nail in the coffin of centos. I guess redhat decided they weren't getting their fair share of value out of the centos project and are instead going with this publicly sourced testing for RHEL.


A simple self-hosted streaming site. I think most would probably just use a conferencing solution like teams or a self-hosted alternative to just share a desktop, but the missing vod and presentation only type of streaming isn't really there on these platforms.

Bebop: An Efficient, Schema-based Binary Serialization Format

Another serialization format. You're limited here to C# and typescript, but if that's all that's needed there's some interesting improvements here. I'm not much of a frontend dude myself, so I'd likely not have a setup that requires this, but I like to know my options when thinking about a new distributed system.

Rocky Linux

One of the answers to RedHat's centos move. The main selling point here seems to be that it has the support of one of the original centos founders. Although, for me, it seems like a strong organization backing the project would be preferable. So Canonical's ubuntu is probably going to be the server of choice for me moving on.

Dynamic eBPF

Pixielabs here appears to have an offering of tools built around the various eBPF syscalls in modern linux kernels. There's already plenty of open sourced tools here, such as BCC and gobpf, that helps with all the intermediate steps needed to call things such as uprobe which I believe needs an bpf program in assembly (or "an array of struct bpf_insn instructions) to pass to the kernel. It looks like there's a lot of interesting applications here for ebpf and is mostly just limited to the imagination. I did like this paper on using ebpf as a sort of selinux replacement.